Yuniku Eyewear Mounts Visottica Comotec Hinges
Posted on May 14, 2018

A new technological concept: Yuniku is the cutting-edge platform developed by Hoya in collaboration with Materialise. Hoet Design Studio, with its outstanding experience in 3D-printed eyewear, is the design partner for the base collection of eyewear frames used by the platform.


Yuniku is the first “Vision-Centric” 3D eyewear designed entirely around the visual needs, the face anatomy and the comfort.
A special scanner measures your facial features and the software creates the personal file of the customer allowing a perfect position of the lenses in relation to the face, offering the best visual performance.


Using state-of-the-art technology, the optician will scan your facial features through the Yuniku software. The dimensions of the frame are suggested automatically, based on the data acquired by the scanner. The operation guarantees not only the choice of the most comfortable frame but also the choice of the most suitable model for the face. A virtual image will show your face wearing the selected glasses.


The Yuniku base collection consists of 15 frame models in 11 colours; this has been expanded with 7 additional Cabrio models in 5 colours by Hoet. Recently Ørgeen has joined the Yuniku platform with its collection consisting of 12 models in 6 colours.


Visottica Comotec is proud to be partner of the first “Vision-Centric” eyewear in the world, providing innovative and special FLEX HINGES to guarantee the functionality and excellent design.



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