Visottica Comotec new plant: relocation completed
Posted on August 1, 2017

Visottica Comotec plant in China has now moved from the Zhangmutou district to its new facilities in a new industrial area of the Chashan district, still in the municipality of Dongguan. The entire production and the offices were transferred during the Chinese New Year holidays so that manufacturing and supplies to customers were not interrupted.
The layout of the new factory is designed to optimize production flow and areas are planned to facilitate future expansion of production capacity.
The attention to the environment in observance of Chinese protection laws, has brought to the creation of a new water purifying plant that now allows us to recover 60% of wastage, which may be increased to 100% in the future.
The new facilities have also offered the opportunity to improve working and living condition of our employees; installing air conditioning in the workshops and building dormitories with single, twin bedrooms and mini flats for families, are two examples. In spite of the move, 60% of our work force has stayed with the Company; the average seniority is over seven

Visottica Comotec has been in Asia for over twenty years. The new plant has offered the opportunity to complete the project of having production facilities in China comparable to those in Italy by all standards.