Look at the World with Italian eyes
Posted on July 6, 2017

An undisputed leadership worldwide, which captures in creativity and in Italian innovation capabilities an added value for competitiveness on the markets. Visottica Industrie operates from 1947 in the field of components for eyewear and it covers today almost half of the world production. The keystone was to divide production between the Susegana plant, where the company has its Head Quarters and sells to European customers, and production in China for the market of the Far East, the most important in the world in this field. A strategy initiated years ago, which has led, in 2010, to a joint Venture with Comotec, already in possession of an important production plant in China and a commercial office in Hong Kong. In July last year, the agreement has ended with the total acquisition of Comotec by Visottica, which now takes the name of Visottica Comotec.

“Production in China was not planned with the intent of saving costs – explain the president, Rinaldo Montalban – but rather for better serving the market of reference: China is the largest producer of glasses in the world. Furthermore, the Chinese factory has the same features of the Italian one, where besides the avant-garde technology, all certifications are fulfilled, with particular attention to US regulations, regarding ethics, working conditions and environment. In Hong Kong we have maintained and potentiate the commercial office with a strong administration department.

The Italian factory remains on the other hand, fundamental to serve the domestic market, which continues to represent 45%, and the rest of Europe. But above all in Italy is the head and the soul of the company, that pushes innovation and develops products; the Chinese factory too is partially controlled from here and by Italian staff located in China, to always guarantee the same qualitative standards of production”. The prospects of growth are aligned to those provided for the industry, around 3%: a lot for a giant that estimates to close the year in around 58 million turnover. [ Translated from an Italian article ]

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