The new plating line and the new de-plating system
Posted on February 10, 2016

The new plating line

In June 2015 Visottica-Comotec opened the new automated plating line system. Its layout and equipment designed to meet the specific needs of the process. Sequencing of the various stages of preparation and treating, as well as in progress quality control, allow the pieces to enter the treatment as raw components and to exit as finished products, ready for packaging.

The semi-automatic loading and unloading of the parts on the carousel ensures efficiency and a constant control of the process. This has been the first step towards a fully integrated plant.

The new de-plating system

Recently the kickoff of the new de-plating facility has represented another step towards a green process. The new plant allows controlling employee exposure to air contaminants in the workplace and it removes completely fumes and solvent vapors. Moreover in the automatic line the parts are moved through by a fully automated robot with a hoist controlled by a PLC. The tank parameters, the dwell times as well as the process steps are lodged in the PLC. The program will be fully executed by the machine. The operator is mainly responsible for the control of the process.


Plating line

plating line

plating line