Comfort for the Vision New Developments 2015
Posted on March 10, 2015


The 4C personalization guarantees an accurate reproduction of any kind of colored logo or design.
It allows combining many colors together in a small space.

HD 90

The combination of shiny and matt surfaces on the engraved insert gives a unique 3D effect. The galvanized plastic insert guarantees a detailed definition and allows reproducing logos and designs with absolute precision (less than 0.1 mm).

HD 160

The outstanding readability of logo by transparency offers a very high resolution with the ability to reproduce all the details with absolute precision in small dimensions (less than 0.1mm). The engraving of logo on different colored metal foils allows a variety of combinations.


The double effect is obtained by contrast between shiny metal foil background and matt logo, or matt background and shiny logo. The usage of Gold and Silver in different combinations sharpens the contrast and gives a luxury metallic effect.


The main benefit of colored nose pads is the possibility of matching pads and frames color. This effect can be combined with personalized insert with logo.


The softness and flexibility of the silicone material assures a very comfortable fit.