MEM: our green choice for a new generation of nose pads
Posted on November 5, 2018

MEM – acronym of Medical Ecofriendly Material – is a new and exclusive compound belonging to the family of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), developed in response to the request of an ecological material that complies with the international regulations aimed to protect health and the environment.


MEM is an excellent alternative to PVC:

  • It doesn’t contain dangerous or polluting elements;
  • There are no highly volatile plasticizing elements or other additives and therefore it could allow a total recyclability;
  • It is a biocompatible Medical Grade material and therefore is safe for the health, even after a prolonged contact with the skin.


Moreover, its processing allows to reduce the quantity of plastic consumed and, consequently, a considerable energy saving during the whole manufacturing process.


In addition to being fully compliant with all the regulations – including the Californian Prop. 65 – our MEM nosepiece, with polycarbonate insert, is more comfortable than the classic PVC nose pads and has a longer life.

MEM is our “green choice” for the production of a new generation of nose pads, which respects the environment and human health.


For more information, download here the leaflet!