The Italian Optics Association Rewards Visottica as a Historical Company in The Eyewear Sector
Posted on November 26, 2017

Since many years, the Italian Optics Association (AIO) has been rewarding important professional figures in the eyewear industry.

In the 2017edition, the Association celebrated the Italian optics shops and the manufacturing companies of the eyewear sector that have been doing business for at least 50 years.

Visottica was prize winning with a silver plate, a recognition of the ability to preserve and enhance business activity over the time. Visottica is the leader in the eyewear components sector since 1947 and this year it celebrates the 70th anniversary.

The ceremony took place on Sunday 19th November 2017 in the beautiful Borghese Palace in the historic centre of Florence. Our Chief Financial Officer, Mrs. Livia Elena Stivanello has received the award on behalf of Visottica.