Wirecore flex for a clean and elegant frame design
Flex hinge for 3D printing and injection frames
Maximum resistance in a minimum dimension
WR 302
Regular wirecore,revolutionary features
Regular wirecore, revolutionary features
Safety Rimlock
No more lost screws for your eyewear
2D Hinge Special Spring Hinge
Two-Dimensional movement in a unique solution.
CF ChangeFit System
High versatility for different fittings. Innovative pad-arm system for Injection Frames.
MEM® New Exclusive Skin Friendly Nose Pad
Non allergic, biocompatible; safe for the health, respectful of the Environment.
ERGOFEEL® Self adapting pad and pad-arm system for a perfect vision
Its wide mobility allows the frame to adjust to different nose shape without need for registration.
OREPLUS Compact hinge for a wide range of frames
Technical performances at a competitive price; the new spring hinge with the patented “Easy Screwing System”.
VIsyFit ® For Injection and Combination Frames
Characterized by a particular geometry and the press-fit system, this hinge remains completely hidden ensuring freedom of design.
Shortech Compact hinge for Acetate Frames
The best performance in a short length. The strongest hinge for acetate frames.
VILube® Premium Lubricant Oil for eyewear components
A multifunctional lubricant for professional use, it reduces wear of moving parts.
WA Natural solution for innovative materials
The thin box perfectly fit the frame temple; it can be fixed by screw or glue.