A new partnerships between Visottica Comotec and Ookii
Posted on October 15, 2017

Visottica Comotec, world leader in the eyewear component sector, has recently signed an important Joint Venture agreement with Ookii, acquiring a 50% share of the company, with the strategic goal of strengthening its position and global market offering.


Concomitantly with the agreement, Ookii, the Italian company, founded by Michele De Biasi with more than 30 years of experience in micro-mechanics, has acquired a majority stake in Matrix, the leading Italian company in the production of components in MIM and micro-casting, increasing its share ownership from 20% to 60% and assuming complete control of the company.


Ookii and Matrix represent two new divisions within the Visottica Comotec group, two companies dedicated to the production of special “Made in Italy” components, utilizing a number of state-of-the-art technologies, such as stamping processes of various materials including steel, aluminum and titanium; die casting of zamak, aluminum and magnesium; micro-casting, MIM and plastic injection. The purpose of these divisions is to continue to guarantee tailor-made products with the maximum flexibility and speed typical of Ookii and Matrix, integrating into Visottica Comotec’s global strategy and offering.


With these new partnerships, Visottica Comotec is able to provide a more comprehensive market offering, from the more fully “Made in Italy” customization, to the “mass production” of standard products typical of the Chinese plant through a commercial presence and a worldwide logistics service.