20/20 magazine features Visottica : MADE IN VISOTTICA
Posted on March 30, 2016

Visottica – Comotec, when ‘made in’ means reliability

With its global services and exquisitely Italian inspiration, Visottica-Comotec is the market leader for eyewear component solutions. A constant evolution to meet today’s needs efficiently and effectively.

Historically established to deal with large volumes, Visottica-Comotec is increasingly turning to small-scale production, in an ongoing dialogue with eyewear makers, but also and increasingly with buyers and designers. We have implemented our technology with this in mind, equipping the Italian parent company in Susegana (Treviso) with no less than 30 state-of-the-art numerically controlled (CNC) turning and milling machines. This enable us to achieve a machining accuracy that allows manufacturing complex figures with verification of each individual element. An additional 20 CNC machines are operating in our factory in Dongguan, China, ready to respond to every need in distant markets. We support small volume production, samples and special products with different technologies, such as MIM (Metal Injection Moduling) and Die Casting, supplied in partnership with specialized companies and offered individually or in combination with in-house components.

Our management and verification of the entire production process make us perfect partners for the provision of small three-dimensional block parts with articulated shapes. Visottica-Comotec represents a responsive structure for complex forms, bringing together design expertise and creative inspiration with the most advanced technology. We are specialists in our field, with thorough knowledge of the various processes required, able to optimize deployment and delivery thanks to our two worldwide headquarters. From the small-scale production of samples to the manufacturing of 1 billion parts every year, we handle over 40 international patents and we generate a consolidated turnover of over 50 million Euros per year.

The flexibility of our production facilities allows us to produce wherever there is a market requirement. We can offer legal or total Made in Italy, or can design, industrialize and manufacture products entirely in Asia, guaranteeing an effective and timely service wherever our customers are located. ‘Made in’ Visottica-Comotec is a philosophy that has its roots in the heart of Susegana but offers production and supply without borders; with the same ease of logistics and the same precision when it comes to the final result, making for a guaranteed level of quality wherever you are.

To accomplish this, we have focused on the basic values of our corporate philosophy. First, and foremost, our human capital: individuals, with their skills and talent contributions, are always the focus of our R&D and technical departments. At our Italian headquarters, 170 people advance the growth of the entire industry and the establishment of a site in China has further expanded our opportunities to serve international markets. A key role is played by the know-how inherited from our two original companies. This exclusive knowledge makes our offer ideal in terms of response flexibility, even for customized solutions, special production and unique prototypes. We are able to draw upon more than a century of experience, patents and achievements, resulting from an inimitable historical journey.

The Visottica-Comotec solution is perfected by proven reliability in terms of our clients’ intellectual property, which is fully protected, our before and after sales service and, finally, our compliance with industry regulations. A strong presence, formed by people, product performance and a healthy working environment. The most extensive and comprehensive range on the market, both from an aesthetic and technical point of view.

We manufacture eyewear components for acetate, injection, metal, wood and other materials frames – essentially any complex three-dimensional component relevant to the eyewear sector, along with increasingly significant growth within other fields such as the automotive, medical, watchmaking and precision electronics sectors. The trust that leading brands place on us has now, more than ever, being confirmed by small producers through a synergistic relationship with the same unwavering quality.

Established in Italy – a country with creativity in its DNA – and strengthened by the presence in the Far East – for guaranteed efficiency and global coverage – Visottica-Comotec is a player at the highest level. With the introduction of new production processes and the assets deriving from the union of two working cultures, to incubate new ideas and respond with exclusive technology and guaranteed quality, all over the world.

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