From idea to technical realization

    We support you throughout the entire process, from the conceptualization of an idea, to the engineering of technical solutions, all the way to creating a functional and captivating product.

    New processes and innovative materials

    We are constantly committed to researching new technologies and new materials to maximize the mechanical performance of our products, contain production costs and allow for different applications.

    Over a hundred years of patents and success

    Visottica and Comotec together have over a hundred years of experience and achievements in the optical sector, currently represented by 15,000 current types of products and 40 active international patents

    From development, and production, to a logistics service

    We provide flexible solutions for different projects and sizes. From the industrialization of the component, and the dimension of the production lot, all the way to supply logistics, we deliver a customized service to suit your needs.

    Protecting the partnership and Customer intellectual property

    Our relationship with customers is based on trust, respect and stability. We treasure what you share with us and guarantee confidentiality, respect of exclusivity and safeguards for your intellectual property

    Adherence to all industry regulations

    Our product’s quality is guaranteed by full compliance with the most recent requirements of the CPSIA, Reach and Proposition 65. We always stay up to date with the regulations and provide a detailed certificate on request.

    Being aware of the environment and labor laws

    International laws aiming to protect the environment and adhere to the working conditions locally,  are a priority.